Student Lead Generation Tool

This is the ProgMatchr, a Candidate Generation & Qualifying Tool For the busy student recruiter. Designed to put the candidate front and centre, the tool is produced with years of research and intelligence gathered from almost 10 years in the education marketing industry.

22% conversion rate

10 times better conversion rate traffic to lead than industry standard.

Mobile first

80% of social media traffic is now mobile. ProgMatchr is optimised for mobile devices.

Smart & Relevant

All content candidates read are tailored to your programme.

Instant feedback

Candidates get immediate feedback on how well they fit the programme.


Instant trigger for CRM communication to keep candidates interested & engaged.

Rich Data

Get data on candidate's area of interest and eligibility on top of their contact information.


ProgMatchr is the new candidate generation and qualifying tool at the heart of Sqore’s unique student recruitment marketing campaigns. By keeping the candidate at the center of attention, ProgMatchr captures rich data that helps you assess how well they fit in the programme - including their educational background and English proficiency level.

Nurture your Relationships

Generating leads is only the first step in your lengthy student recruitment process.

With the ProgMatchr, we help you have better conversations with your potential candidates. Based on that data, we help you create personalized communication material to the right potential candidates.

Case Study: How engaging with students helped the University of East Anglia convert leads to offers

When Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia wanted to attract students to their MBA program, they sought a solution that would help them foster greater diversity by both generating quality leads from multiple markets and engaging with them throughout the application process. Learn how UEA worked with the Sqore platform to reach their steep objectives, and how they have already offered spots to leads generated via Sqore to 16 students.

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