A product that fits the 
Student Decision Making process

Digital natives spend a lot of their time online, but the amount actually spent on researching schools to attend is limited. Through the Attract, Engage, Qualify strategy we move prospective students from digital search to one-on-one relationships. The product creates engagement and capture data to enable qualification.

The Sqore Product

The product is an engaging way to communicate programme and university USPs with a Rich Media Lead Form. The lead form can consist of a quiz, profile form, video motivation statement - choose your combination!

We capture data such as candidate’s educational background and English proficiency. And through the process, the candidate would have spent time learning about your programme and engaged with your brand.

The product is where the prospective student get an initial match to your programme. 

Next step in the student recruitment process

In the product we have sparked an interest - and captured user information. Based on this we can start sending personalized communication to the leads who 

1) meet your basic eligible criteria

2) indicated interest in your programme.

Open rates on our emails are above industry standard by a landslide, so the product work effectively with engaging the relevant prospective students. 

Case Study: How engaging with students helped the University of East Anglia convert leads to offers

When Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia wanted to attract students to their MBA program, they sought a solution that would help them foster greater diversity by both generating quality leads from multiple markets and engaging with them throughout the application process. Learn how UEA worked with the Sqore platform to reach their steep objectives, and how they have already offered spots to leads generated via Sqore to 16 students.

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