Education Marketing for Digital Natives

The digital natives we’re trying to reach out to are proactive, and have not strayed from heavy use of search engines and social media. Students may spend a lot of their time online, but the amount actually spent on researching schools to attend is limited to a few hours. This means being easily discoverable is imperative to help them narrow down their research.

Education Marketing by Sqore

The majority of channels where students are present are online. Search engines are at the top of the list by a landslide, along with study abroad websites and social media. Offline methods such as university partnerships and fairs also still influence awareness, but are leaving less impact.

We target prospective students efficiently using the knowledge we’ve gathered over years of specialising in international student marketing.

Channels include:

  1. Social Media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WeChat
  2. Search marketing: AdWords, Display
  3. Partners: promote your programme through their newsletters and website. 
  4. Sqore global network of students

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Benefits for your brand

Your brand will be shown to the right audience to build both long and short term interest in your programme among students. Our mix of marketing materials will generate both views, reach and conversion to clicks to your dedicated campaign page on 

Our digital marketing strategy is tailored to your desired target audience to achieve the best results possible. The traffic that we generate to your dedicated campaign page will be captured in the Sqore lead form and trigger the candidate relationship management communication. 

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Case Study: Edinburgh summer school gained international attention

Digital marketing solutions are a key part of the University of Edinburgh’s strategy, and when they needed help achieving online visibility for their summer school programs, they turned to Sqore.

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