What is Candidate Management?

How do you convert leads to applications? Candidate relationship management (CRM) is a method for managing and improving relationships with prospective students to increase probability that they will choose your university. CRM technology is used to automate communication process with prospective students, as well as to identify ideal candidates. We also include personal, human 1-1 communication in our Candidate Management solution. 

Candidate Relationship Management by Sqore.

Candidate management is a central component in our lead generation strategy. We use both automised technology to create personalised messaging at scale, as well as personal calls and emails to establish one-on-one relationship with ideal candidates. 

Students' preferred channel is e-mail, and being reached on the phone coming a close second and WhatsApp third according to our student survey 2018. 

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Convert leads to applications

By reaching out to prospective students and establish a relationship with them will increase your chances to recruit students to your programme and help you stay competitive. 

Our 2018 student survey showed that 62% never spoke to a university representative in their application process. A large majority of the students who did get to speak to a university representative, said that the conversations they had made the biggest impact in deciding which school to choose in the end.

Learn more what students say by downloading our report on Student Survey 2018. 

One-on-One Relationship

Once a prospective student has deepen their interest in your program and university, there are usually many questions of administrative character to answer. Questions include visa, deadlines, application cost, english test result requirements and so on. Our Candidate Coordinators have gained a lot of experience in handling questions frequently asked by international students. We work effectively with managing the first level of questions before we direct qualified candidates to you. This means that you will have rewarding conversations with prospective students who are well informed already.

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Case Study: CEIBS increased the ROI on their student marketing by 300%

When CEIBS planned the marketing for their MBA program, they wanted to try something new and innovative. Sqore proved to be the ideal solution, getting real engagement from their most difficult target groups, resulting in over three times the ROI of other student engagement tools.

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