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Sqore has been a wonderful partner to work with, giving us great ROI and delivering results above expectations. It is by far the channel that yields the best lead to application and subsequently enrolment ratio.
George E. Kyriacou
Digital Marketing Manager, UNICAF

Sqore insights in Education Marketing

Your Sqore Campaign
How We Work With Your Campaign
So you’ve signed with Sqore, and have had long chats with your Key Account Manager about your goals. What happens next?
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Read the Sqore student survey
Student Survey 2018: Sneak Preview
Conducting the annual student survey is always an exciting time at Sqore. We love seeing new trends emerge, and discovering
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Google Ads need you to stay relevant.
Google Doesn’t Want Irrelevant Ads
No one likes being flooded with advertisements online, especially irrelevant ones. This is especially so for tech-savvy Millennial and Gen
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