What to Look Out for In Digital Marketing at EAIE 2018

Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to join my colleagues and thousands of other stakeholders active in the international education industry at the EAIE conference in the beautiful town of Seville.

It was truly inspirational to rub shoulders with the top minds in international higher education and get the chance to meet face to face with some clients that I have otherwise only met over the phone.
What truly impressed me as well was that the programme was packed full with fascinating sessions, covering so many pertinent issues surrounding the industry today. So as I make my plans to head the 30th annual conference in Geneva this September, the first thing I looked at was the programme lineup.
Digital marketing is at the core of what we do at Sqore and the EAIE programme lineup has some really exciting topics covering this subject. Here are the few sessions that I think will be useful for any student recruiter who wants to build and share knowledge in the subject!

How do you compare to marketing and communication departments worldwide?

SESSION 04.09 | Wednesday 12 Sept | 15:30-16:30
Here’s a good chance to get insight on best practices around the world, what works and what doesn’t in marketing and communication to students. Find out if you’re on the right path and how you can do better in your marketing strategies.

Ten ways to develop great content for your institution

SESSION 05.06 | Thursday 13 Sept | 09:30-10:30
Did you know that millennials only have a 5-second attention span for ads? Even if you have the right strategy for where and what you say about your institution it is now imperative that you get your content right or risk being ignored after 5 seconds. I would garner a guess that part of this seminar would also talk about how your content should hit the right pain points for the candidates that you’d like to target. It’s great that EAIE is covering this topic.

Rethinking marketing, recruitment and agent engagement

SESSION 05.10 | Thursday 13 Sept | 09:30-10:30
It’s going to be difficult to choose between this and the last seminar as they’ll both cover interesting subjects but are running at the same time. This particular session promises to discuss the importance of considering the student decision-making factors when it comes to strategising for student recruitment.
Sqore ran our own survey last year and found fascinating factors that informed how we run campaigns for our clients as well. For example, a staggering 87% of applicants have not visited the country of study before submitting an application.
The challenge of creating an international environment and increasing diversity in the student population is universal. Around the world, higher education institutions are asking the same questions on how they can do better. Digital solutions are going to be increasingly important so I hope that you don’t miss some of these fascinating seminars.
I personally am looking forward to these discussions and meeting more people passionate about connecting students to the right study opportunities. We will be manning a booth at the conference, and I will be popping into some of these seminars quite keenly. Hope to see you there!

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