Save Time Nurturing Leads with Candidate Management

One of the most undeniable truths of student recruitment is that relationship building is the key to getting enrolled students. Not only is it a crucial step in the recruitment process, but it is also the most tedious. Managing channels, creating engaging content, personally reaching out – the long hours can really start piling up. Candidate management could be your answer.

After years in the higher education arena, we’ve been really mindful of that. Which is why Sqore’s processes are designed to help you save time and resources. Candidate management is how we follow up with qualified leads and nurture them to increase your conversion. Emailing and calling is time-consuming, so we created a service package to take the tedious work out of your hands.

Candidate Management & Nurturing Qualified Leads

In the 2018 annual student survey, we spoke to thousands of global students who chose to study abroad. What we found out was that while digital natives today are proactively doing their research online, it is the offline direct conversations with universities that helped nudge them into a decision.
With candidate management, we’ll be helping you oversee, build and maintain relationships with candidates. The team will manage one-on-one time with the qualified leads, and start building the foundations of your relationship with them.

Throughout the Decision-making Process

A qualified lead in the Sqore system would be past the awareness stage. They would already be familiar with your programme and some of your school’s USPs, and potentially be at a stage where they are comparing their options.
With candidate management, we create branded trigger emails with relevant information specific to your programme. We also call the qualified leads most relevant to your criteria and answer any questions they might have about application requirements, deadlines, or your USPs as best we can. We’ll also link them to the most relevant person at your university if they have deeper questions to be answered.

A Structure to Maximize Results

We know that lead nurturing works. The numbers don’t lie – but we know that you might not have the time or human resources to perform these activities effectively. Great quality leads can slip through the cracks if they’re not nurtured with love.
Candidate management is a big hill to climb, but working with a partner will make it so much easier.

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