Qualified Leads Tailored to Your Programme

We are constantly in conversation with universities and higher education institutions about their international student recruitment strategies and how they define qualified leads. In the discussions, we almost always hear our partners mention “We want students with an international vibe…” From top QS and Times Higher Education ranking schools to new online institutions, this requirement is high on the agenda of all post-secondary chief marketing officers.

Your Ideal Student: Qualified Leads Tailored to You

But “student with an international vibe” can mean so many things for different institutions. What you’ll need to do to receive the best qualified leads from Sqore, is to identify what an ideal international student would look like for your programme.

Your Needs

One of the things to keep in mind is to be specific in your list of requirements.
Educational Background & Field of Study
One of the major helpful guidelines for the Sqore team is if you have identified specific educational backgrounds and field of study beyond the degree level.
For example – if you’re recruiting for an Engineering programme, you might want to specify if you are open to all Engineering backgrounds including STEM, Software and Electrical Engineering or if you’re only looking for students with a Mechanical Engineering background.
Or perhaps, the MBA you’re offering is open to students without a business or management background.
Another example of this is niched programmes such as TU Delft’s Engineering & Policy Analysis (EPA) programme. Students needed to fulfil a strict set of criteria to be enrolled – not only did they need an Engineering background but also be well-versed in policy making and beta analytics.
Wants to Study Abroad
You’ll also want a student enthusiastic to join you and to get that you’ll want to flaunt what makes your programme or school unique and attractive. In the Sqore 2018 annual student survey, it appears that the top factors that attract students to a higher education programme are:
– Job possibilities
– Courses in the programme
– University accreditations
– Employment rate of graduates
Do any of these fall into your USPs that you can talk about yourself? Also, try to think outside the box, and think about USPs specific to your programmes – especially if they are quite niche.

Your Deal Breakers

It also really helps if you’re certain about what you don’t want. Some Master’s programmes we’ve helped market, for example, are very clear that the programme will only admit students with a few year’s worth of working experience. So if you’re not looking for fresh graduates with only part-time experience, that’s helpful information for us as well.

Once you have Qualified Leads, Everything Else Will Fall Into Place

Knowing what you what and going after only what you want means less fuss and fewer dropouts in the next steps that you’ll be taking to nurture these qualified leads. These leads will be the ones watching out for you in social media, actively reading your blog posts and proactively consider applying for your programme.
Once they get to know you and trust you, they might just gradually transition from randomly surfing your website to enrolled students – maybe even enthusiastic ambassadors for your school!

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