Qualified Leads in Student Recruitment – How Sqore Defines Them

If you’re working in marketing for higher education, especially in international student recruitment, you are bound to be constantly counting numbers and key metrics. You’d be worrying about leads in student recruitment, and how to ensure that the leads are qualified. Above all else though, the number one thing on your mind is always – “How many new students will enrol next semester?”

As a savvy marketer, whether you are experienced or new in the digital space, you understand that one of the keys to success and working efficiently is to work with high qualified leads. It’s the same across all industries in the world. The number one challenge faced by marketing and sales organizations is not just getting as many leads as possible, it’s getting better leads. The best leads – so that no one wastes more time, energy and resources than they need to.

How Sqore Defines Qualified Leads

Defining what a “lead” is not always straightforward. Ask different marketers to explain what it means, and you might not get the same answers. At the core of every answer though, a lead represents the same thing: an identifiable person who is interested in what you’re offering.
In the case of marketing for international student recruitment, at Sqore we’ve designed our structure and platform to help you qualify your potential student candidates with these universal factors:

  • Relevant Degree by Intended Start Date
    One of the most obvious things to start with is to match the programme only with leads who will have the relevant qualifications to be eligible to enrol. This means ensuring that a lead for a Master’s programme has a Bachelor’s degree – or will have earned one before the start date of your programme.
    – Relevant Education Major
    A subset of this factor is also that some programmes have other key admission criteria tied to the lead’s level of education. We understand that this is a deal breaker for a lot of programmes, and vary quite widely. Some STEM programmes, for example, welcome students from a Business background while others specifically look for talents in Sustainability or Architecture.We hear you, and we’re here to help you sort them out.
  • Sufficient level of English proficiency
    Another key factor for international education is that the future student must be able to keep up in class through the language of facilitation. If your programme has specific requirements tied to certifications such as TOEFL and IELTS, we’re able to get down to that detail too.
  • Work experience
    If your programme requires that the lead has previous work experience, it will be a factor that we will include in our lead qualifying process.
  • Accurate Information
    Another recurring anxiety for the modern marketer is the question – is the data retrieved viable? That’s where the second step of our process comes in. Through a CRM process, the team that manually qualifies the leads and the lead list becomes shorter, and of higher quality, as we:
    – assess if the information that the lead submitted is accurate
    – assess if there is motivation and intent to apply
    – and also answer any preliminary question that the lead might have

What this Means for You

These general factors we’ve set out is only the first line of support. To ensure that the leads you receive from us are the ones that have the highest potential to convert, we always start by working together to define what a high-quality lead means to you set up the campaign tailored to your specific criteria.
We anticipate that the approaches to defining your ideal students will differ. As mentioned above – different marketers have different definitions of what a lead is! What’s ultimately important is that you have everything you need to invest your resources only on the right, high-quality leads.

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