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How focusing on quality leads increased UNICAFs efficiency and conversion
UNICAF’s aim is to become the biggest online university in the world. To achieve this goal, they realized that needed
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TU Delft university campaign resulted in 940 leads and 14 admitted students to their EPA
TU Delft wanted to create awareness of a niche program to the right targets and provide leads that convert from
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How the University of Edinburgh Summer School Gained Int’l Attention
Digital marketing solutions are a key part of the University of Edinburgh’s strategy, and when they needed help achieving online
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One of the most undeniable truths of student recruitment is that relationship building is the key to getting enrolled students.
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We are constantly in conversation with universities and higher education institutions about their international student recruitment strategies and how they
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Digital Marketing for International Student Recruitment at EAIE 2018
I had the opportunity to attend EAIE last year, for the first time in my long career in international student
International Students love Sqore
One of the key things in reaching and engaging the tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z students in your student recruitment

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