Only Relevant Leads: How Sqore Helps You Save Time & Resources

As the marketing manager who’s recruiting students for a higher education programme, you’re always going to be pulled in different directions. Some colleagues might even doubt how digital marketing can work better than the ‘traditional ways’. It can be a frustrating and time-consuming job to sort through the seemingly endless list of leads for international student recruitment.

As you start investing your budget in different channels, you might find yourself asking – how can you do this more productively? Naturally, manually sifting through tens of thousands of individual leads is not going to be a worthwhile use of time for you.
You’ll want to focus only on relevant leads that have been pre-qualified. These would be the leads that are the most likely to convert into enrollments because they would have already been informed about the school and programme USPs. They would also meet your eligibility criteria and expressed interest in enrolling in the programme.
Sqore has been in the education industry since 2010, and we’ve helped programme managers from universities such as Tu Delft and University of East Anglia’s Norwich Business School save time by nurturing only qualified leads for international student recruitment.
Here’s how we do it.

Marketing Expertise to Drive Your Campaign

When your campaign is up and running, we market it by targeting the most relevant audience tailored to your eligibility criteria.
Sqore’s team of dedicated specialists are also behind you the whole way. This includes a campaign manager with funnel expertise, a Customer Relationship Management team and a production unit who will craft polished images and messages to be sent out. With the data and expertise we’ve collected over the years about student behaviour, we’ll drive your campaign with confidence to meet your goals.

Automated Qualification

Instead of long and tedious manual methods of qualifying a lead, the Sqore lead form gathers the information you’ve set out to find your ideal student. We use qualifying criteria that you have set out, such as highest educational qualification and level of English skills, to sort the leads. On top of that, we’ll also assess the lead’s level of interest and how far along they might be in the decision process.
The tech does the work for you, so you don’t have to spend hours filtering through tens of thousands of leads. If you’re keen to check the details though, that will also be available to you on the user-friendly backend interface. All this is still just the first step in how we help you narrow down your search for a future enrolled student.

Manual Qualification

In Step 2 of the qualifying process, we have a professional CRM team that manually qualifies these submissions for you. The list becomes shorter as the team helps to:

  • assess if the information that the lead submitted is accurate
  • assess if there is motivation and intent to apply
  • and also answer any preliminary question that the lead might have!

The team also triggers e-mails according to the lead’s actions, ensuring that the lead is kept nurtured throughout the process.
It’s also important to remember to continue working to reach every possible student, as a lead that might seem insignificant before could still be turned around. If you’re keen to be connected to the leads on your own, the Sqore dashboard also allows you to send messages.

Sqore’s Qualified Leads are worth your time

We’re here to make life easier, streamline your processes and make things more efficient. With our marketing expertise and qualification processes, we’re confident in increasing your chances of reaching the right students at the right time.

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