How KTH Royal Institute of Technology doubled female Engineering applicants

Sqore is proud of our work with longtime partners, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. For the last 5 years, we’ve connected bright ambitious students to the right programmes in KTH, including the Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.

The result of our partnership recently made it to the pages of Ny Teknik, a weekly Swedish magazine covering the latest news in technology and engineering.

Engaging quiz format increased number of female applicants

The field of technical education has long had a difficulty in attracting women, but there might soon be a change. When KTH tried out a new medium for applications, their number of female applicants doubled.
Technology has long had a masculine label and the gender gap in higher education institutions has been discussed here on the Ingenjörskarriär section of Ny Teknik.
It is a big problem if technical education does not succeed in attracting women whilst the industry is in dire need of competent staff. A clear example of this is occupations that require IT skills. According to an estimate from Statistiska centralbyrån (SCB), the proportion of women in the industry will only correspond to 26% by 2035, which is unjustifiably low.
So how can this be remedied? KTH is trying out new options. They decided to advertise their Electrical Engineering degree programme through the technology company Sqore, and its data-driven quiz platform. The impact was enormous.
Of those who completed the Sqore quiz at the beginning of their search for an electronics program, over four out of five were women (83%). This is in comparison to the fact that there is an extreme uneven gender gap in the program cohort – where only 13% are women.
Through the collaboration with Sqore, the school managed to engage women in a quiz where they tested their electrical engineering skills. When it came to the applications received, the proportion of women increased from 12% to 20% of the total applications.
To read the original article in Swedish, find it here.

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