Your Sqore Campaign

How We Work With Your Campaign

So you’ve signed with Sqore, and have had long chats with your Key Account Manager about your goals. What happens next? We thought you might want to know what happens in the background, and what the team will be doing for you before your campaign is launched.

Phase 1: Your Customer Success Manager (CSM)

The first thing you can expect is to be introduced to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. The CSM will be managing the execution of the campaign and is also your main point of contact throughout – including updating you on progress, as well as sharing insights and results.
We are all trusted advisors at Sqore. Your CSM will be representing your interests with the rest of the Sqore team working on the campaign.

Phase 2: The Production Team

The production team are made up of content producers who will be responsible for creating your bespoke campaign page – from landing page, through to a tailor made informative quiz and custom lead form.
The landing page will illustrate your top USPs plus key dates and eligibility requirements, and the custom profile form will ensure that the right information is being captured from the leads generated through the next phase. The information gathered can be accessed through your dashboard, where you can view and download a CSV file list of the leads.

Phase 3: The Campaign Manager

Your campaign will also have a dedicated Campaign Manager, a digital marketing expert in the field of international education, who will create a multi channel marketing plan to attract the most relevant leads according to your needs.

Phase 4 – The Lead Management Team

This is the team that works with lead nurturing. The team helps ensure that the qualified leads remain well informed and interested in your programme. This includes sending trigger emails reminding the qualified leads to complete their profile, and when they’re ready, to apply directly with your programme.
These qualified leads will then be presented to you, so that you can continue to nurture them towards application and ultimately enrolment.

Helping You Save Even More Time

We all know the importance of personalized e-mails and calls in the student decision making process to convert leads.
If you don’t have time to personally reach out to the most qualified leads to increase conversions, Candidate Management might be your answer. The Lead Management team also performs calling and emailing services, to nurture leads even further. It is the best way to supplement trigger e-mails. For leads that might be in the earlier stage of their decision making process, we also have nurturing emails with branded information on your programme, application dates and instructions on how to apply.

Your Trusted Advisors

As you can see, there’s quite a lot happening in the background to attract and engage potential students for your programme from all over the world. Everyone in the teams are dedicated to getting the word out for you, and qualifying each lead to ensure that you can be more targeted your recruitment process. Imagine the man hours that you’re saving!

Pernilla Carlstrom

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