Helping UNICAF convert >50% of qualified leads into submitted applications

The online educational platform UNICAF has big ambitions. Through its bespoke partnership model, it aims to be the biggest player in online education in emerging markets such as Sub-Saharan Africa. It also has a scholarship arm that have awarded over $70 million worth of scholarships to date.

However, the way they are set up means that they need a steady flow of new students. Their success is highly dependant on a constant influx of good leads to be funneled to and managed by their Office of Admissions. Today they handle about 270,000 leads a month. In five years, the aim is to increase that to 1.5m per month.

Marketing Online in Hard to Reach Markets

UNICAF’s Digital Marketing Manager George Kyriacou spent a majority of his budget on traditional channels such as Google or Facebook, but he realised the quality of leads generated was sub-par and the admissions team are spending too much time on unqualified leads.

He was intrigued by the possibility of getting leads that have already been pre-screened, so that his team can spend time more productively. So here’s the challenge he set out for Sqore: a small-scale campaign targeting students from specific regions, including sub-Saharan Africa, for online degree programmes offered by their partner, the University of South Wales in the UK.

Undeniable Results

The results were almost instant, and UNICAF did not waste time to increase the number of campaigns running on Sqore. Within a short span of seven months, UNICAF had marketed 24 programmes with Sqore – resulting in:

  • 11,700 
leads via the Sqore Campaign
  • 1,878 
eligible leads that have gone through the Sqore Campaign
  • 978 applications from these eligible leads

This means that 51,7% of all qualified leads that meet the eligibility criteria have submitted a scholarship application.

The Secret to Success

With more than 50% of qualified leads converting into submitted applications, it was pretty clear that Sqore greatly outperforms even traditional lead generation services in terms of turning leads into actual enrolments.

Behind the numbers though, the key to success was how easy Sqore fits into UNICAF’s existing setup. The leads provided by Sqore were picked up by UNICAF’s Student Advisers, who then successfully helped them along the application and enrolment process.

A wonderful partner to work with, giving us great ROI and delivering results above expectations. It is by far the channel that yields the best lead to application and subsequently enrolment ratio. If you’re looking for quality leads to convert, Sqore is the way to go.
George E. Kyriacou
Digital Marketing Manager, UNICAF

It’s very exciting to see the difference Sqore can make, and it’s going to continue being a thrilling ride as UNICAF works toward their goal of handling 1.5 million leads a month!

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