Helping Koç University gain international visibility

Founded in 1993, Koç University is a nonprofit Higher Education Institution in Istanbul. While it is highly known and respected by students around the region, the university recognizes that to attract top talent from around the globe, it needs to increase awareness and be top of mind beyond Central Asia and the Middle East.

In the past, they have struggled to connect with countries such as India, China and Indonesia. The traditional means of student marketing via partner universities and international recruitment fairs was not showing the desired results. In the spirit of innovation and diversity, Koç University pointedly searched for a digital solution that not only challenges the norm of student marketing but also has a proven record of international success.

Here’s How We Helped

In October 2016, we launched a short campaign to promote their Master’s programs in Engineering, featuring a scholarship as a prize. To reach the desired target groups, Koç University and Sqore defined a marketing plan that covered multiple channels.
Making use of Sqore’s significant student network, as well as specialized marketing partners, we were able to provide the university with a full-service marketing solution to attract student leads.

50,000 Unique Views from 110 Countries

The short campaign went well and Koç University then extended their license for that campaign, to make it stretch for a few more months. They later bought an extra license to focus on their Social Sciences offerings.
Within months, the campaigns that were live on the Sqore website generated over 50,000 unique views. These views had come from more than 110 countries around the world, including those where Koç University wanted to be more prominent.

Want more details?
Download the case study on how Koç University gains international visibility with Sqore

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