Google Ads need you to stay relevant.

Google Doesn’t Want Irrelevant Ads

No one likes being flooded with advertisements online, especially irrelevant ones. This is especially so for tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z international students. Google doesn’t want bad or irrelevant ads to keep happening either.

Google wants all of its ads to be good and relevant. The search engine is aware that advertisers and marketers have to meet their audience on their own terms. This also means giving them the perfect message, depending on what they want and what they need.
If marketers don’t provide something helpful, personal and effortless – you lose the audience.
Google’s SVP of Ads and Commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy puts it succinctly in his keynote address at Marketing Live 2018: “Advertising at its best always puts people first. Delivering experiences that are useful, intelligent and relevant.”
What does this mean for marketing higher education to international students? Here are some key innovations that were announced at Marketing Live 2018 earlier this month.

Google AdWords Has a New Name

Google AdWords will now be known as Google Ads. What’s in a name? It signals how Google is now offering a simpler and more cohesive way to buy ads across Google – including search, YouTube, Google Maps and Google Play.
If you’re looking to expand your channels on Google to market to students, this will help you buy, track and analyse them all in one place.

Cross-Device Reporting in Google Analytics

Want to meet potential students wherever they are on their devices? With the Google Analytics Audience section, get reports on device paths and device overlaps so you can strategise better.

New Mobile Landing Page Score Feature

At a recent travel forum, Google’s Managing Director of Travel Rob Torres points out “When (landing pages are) very slow to load or doesn’t provide the right information that you’re looking for in the amount of time that you have, you bail on it… many times people will not come back to that brand or that site again if they have a slow experience.”
With this new feature, you can prevent losing out on students who have come to your page. Don’t lose their attention, and ensure that your pages are performing but assessing the load times of your landing page.
Want to know what students want to hear about? We conducted a student survey last year to help guide you with your strategies in marketing to international students. Keep a lookout for the next one coming up this Autumn!

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