Enrolling quality leads for a niche Engineering programme at TU Delft

Getting quality leads from the various international markets can be tricky but results can still be great if you use the right campaign and platform. This is where Sqore came in to help TU Delft’s Engineering & Policy Analysis (EPA) programme to recruit more international students.

TU Delft and the EPA Programme

TU Delft is the oldest public technological university in the Netherlands and is recognized as one of the best universities for engineering and technology. When its Engineering & Policy Analysis (EPA) programme sought to look for leads in markets such as EU, Asia as well as North and South America, they looked to Sqore for help.

The Right Students from the Right Places

Their challenge was two-fold. Firstly, as one of the world’s leading training grounds for engineers, TU Delft is proud of its diverse and international student body. It aims to have at least 19% of students coming from outside of the Netherlands.
Secondly, the EPA programme in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) is a demanding and niche program, and students need to fulfil a strict set of criteria to be enrolled. They need to have an Engineering background but also be well-versed in policy making and beta analytics.

Targeted Digital Marketing Campaign

The answer? With a 12-month license, TU Delft utilised Sqore to launch a digital campaign that included landing pages to explain more about the program, an engaging quiz and comprehensive lead form that would give them better insight into the leads.
These were then advertised through various channels, including Sqore’s network of 1 million users and social media.

Qualified Leads from All Over the World

The targeted digital marketing campaign resulted in great returns.

  • 940 Leads
  • 12 Applications from students directed to Sqore by TU Delft
  • 5 Applications direct from Sqore

Having a campaign on Sqore also helped the faculty generate qualifi leads in parts of the world where students don’t normally enrol from. Of these, a final 14 students were admitted to the programme from a diverse range of countries including the USA, China and Greece.

“With Sqore I understood the need for a targeted digital marketing campaign, and to engage students with more meaningful information about the school and the program. […] Sqore has helped us reach a large audience. I’m happy with the diversity of the leads and the fact that there are students showing interest for the 2018 and 2019 intake.”
Maureen van Ravenhorst-Vogelaar
Communications Coordinator at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

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