Digital Marketing for International Student Recruitment at EAIE 2018

I had the opportunity to attend EAIE last year, for the first time in my long career in international student recruitment. It was wonderful – the conference exceeded my expectations.

I especially enjoyed meeting people that have a passion and interest in international education, some of whom I had worked or been in contact with for years. One of the interesting developments I especially love discussing is how universities are going to help fill the skills gap.

Traditional institutes are offering solid programmes and infrastructure but times are changing. How are they planning to deliver skilled labour in time, especially with industries demanding talent more urgently than before? How will they also meet demand from students who want to, or need to, study in different ways other than full-time and on campus?

A Whole New Digital Marketing World

It’s also been very interesting to see how the landscape of the education industry has changed in the last 10 years – especially when it comes to marketing to international students. When I first started out, it was often enough to just attract a lot of leads and traffic through your own or external platforms, especially for already established institutions with a strong reputation.
Today, students are overwhelmed with options and are much more selective. They are also digital natives who are very selective with who they give their attention to. For a university to succeed in recruit international students today, it’s all about how well you manage your it’s all about how well you manage your whole funnel – from branding and awareness to follow up and lead nurturing.
This poses an enormous challenge for universities. They will have to learn how to catch attention properly, follow up with leads adequately and intelligently over a longer period of time to make sure that a prospect eventually becomes an enrolled student.
NHL Stenden is actually going to have a seminar addressing exactly this, titled “Customer journey mapping in higher-education student recruitment”Radboud University is also chairing a seminar titled “Administrative hell or happy bureaucracy? From recruitment to enrolment“, that will discuss the efficiency of their application, admission and enrolment procedures. It’s going to be interesting to hear what they have to share. Plus, It’s always exciting to see old clients host a seminar!

Want to Do Better in Your Digital Marketing?

Sqore has been attending EAIE for years now, and we’ll be spending time at a dedicated booth this year in Geneva. It’ll be great to meet more people and discuss what we can all do together to improve processes in international student recruitment.
Come say hi and find out what your Sqore campaign can look like! I might find myself attending seminars and away from the booth but you can always have a chat with my colleagues Yohan, who has a lot of experience in the French market, Sqore’s co-founder Robert and Nicolas, who is an expert with the Eastern European market.

See You at EAIE This Year

Where to find us: Booth J15

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