Are You Future-Proof?

Innovation is picking up speed in the education sector. The question is, how are you and your organization innovating and changing?

One effective and inspiring way you could start challenging yourselves is to make use of current scenario analysis. This is exactly what the World Economic Forum did in Davos earlier this year.
As part of their System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Education, Gender and Work series, the WEF released a report on Eight Futures of Work: Scenarios and their Implications, which presents different visions of what work could look like by the year 2030.

Another interesting use of scenario analysis comes from Holoniq, a global intelligence platform tracking the education industry.
They asked a similar question: what will education look like 2030?
In the 60-page report Education in 2030, Holoniq dives deep into the drivers of global expansion and identifies five different scenarios that are possible for the future of learning and talent.
Remember, these scenarios are not predictions. They’re designed to be a basis for discussion, so download the reports and get your team together. Have everyone read and discuss the implications for your organisation.
Which scenarios do you prefer? Which scenario would challenging?And of course – what do you need to start developing to meet what the future could hold?

Here’s one last pointer: try out the method used by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, one of Sweden’s leading universities.
They looked 10 years ahead and produced a course catalogue for the year 2027/28. What an interesting way to try and make the future more concrete – or at least, defining a starting point!

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