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Sqore student survey 2019
International Student Decision-Making Survey 2019
Global trends and insights on how candidates choose to study abroad or online for education marketers.​
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Inside the minds of international candidates
This year we spoke to thousands of students who are either planning to study abroad or online or have already
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Digital Marketing Options for International Student Recruiters: A Quick Guide
Get your branding, conversion and CRM right - here’s a quick guide what to think about.
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How Chalmers University is riding the Wave of Digital
 Marketing to Recruit 
International Students
Read How Chalmers University is riding the Wave of Digital
 Marketing to Recruit 
International Students.
Student Decision-Making Survey 2018
Here’s what we all already know: the current pool of international students today are digital natives. To successfully market higher
student marketing report
Student Marketing Report 2017
Insights include: What type of messaging through which channels will have the best effect at each stage of the process?
CEIBS increased the ROI on their student marketing by 300%
When CEIBS planned the marketing for their MBA program, they wanted to try something new and innovative. Sqore proved to
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With a contemporary competition-based platform, Sqore was exactly the new experience in student marketing that Koç University had been looking
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When Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia wanted to attract students to their MBA program, they sought
How focusing on quality leads increased UNICAFs efficiency and conversion
UNICAF’s aim is to become the biggest online university in the world. To achieve this goal, they realized that needed
TU Delft university campaign resulted in 940 leads and 14 admitted students to their EPA
TU Delft wanted to create awareness of a niche program to the right targets and provide leads that convert from
How the University of Edinburgh Summer School Gained Int’l Attention
Digital marketing solutions are a key part of the University of Edinburgh’s strategy, and when they needed help achieving online

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