How Chalmers University is riding the Wave of Digital
 Marketing to Recruit 
International Students

“We love working with Sqore, it’s been a very fruitful few years working with them and we look forward to more exciting collaborations."
Ulla-Karin Drakeskär
Coordinator National Student Recruitment, Chalmers University

Chalmers University


Chalmers University of Technology is a highly progressive university situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. Consistently ranked among the top 100 Engineering Universities in the world, the academic environment at the university stems from a close relationship with industry and society.

Through Sqore, Chalmers launched various campaigns that included targeted outreach, landing pages and engaging quizzes. These were then advertised through various channels, including Sqore’s network of users, marketing partners in local markets and social media. With this unique campaign setup, Chalmers were able to target their most elusive target groups.

Download the case study to learn how Sqore and Chalmers University have been working together since 2012.

30 different programs



Provide leads from difficult markets


43,699 leads 

Download the entire case study to learn how it was done

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