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Recruit international students with
programme-specific Digital Marketing

Today’s pool of international students are digital natives who have not strayed from heavy use of search engines and social media. But it is the personal conversations they had with the school that helped them cement their decision.We have found a winning strategy to get you the right leads who you can convert into enrolled students. Through the Attract, Engage, Qualify strategy, we move their decision process from a digital search to one-on-one human communication.

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Let’s have your brand shown in the right place, at the right time, to the right people. We market you through social media, AdWords and carefully selected partners.

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We’ve found a way to connect with students in their decision making phase. Your customized page on Sqore include a rich media lead form to convey your USP's.



Prospective students learn more about your program, whilst we assess their responsiveness with automized Candidate Relationship Management (CRM).

What is a qualified lead? Interested, informed and eligible.

We attract prospective students and engage them with an informative quiz about your school and programme. Once we have assessed that they meet your basic eligibility requirements, and have taken part of information about your programme as well as demonstrated responsiveness, we deliver these qualified leads to you.

Want to get noticed?Marketing for digital natives

Digital natives have a short attention span. In fact, half of students who apply to a university spend less than 5 hours on research. You’ll need to be able to engage them in order to stand out. We can help. 

Meet the Team

We have 8 years of experience to get your student recruitment on the growth track. We will build the right strategy and find the most creative ways to reach your desired candidate. To succeed, we want to work with you – as a reliable friend and a partner.

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